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Desperate for a date to the company Fourth of July party, Bella asks the stuffy guy in the next office suite to accompany her. Uptight Edward finds some.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Under My Thumb by likewhitesmoke reviews Summary: Beautiful and broken, Bella has blossomed into something new. With his eyes on her, she feels complete. Nude and liberated, she tears herself done to transform herself into something new. As Edward’s submissive, can she let the past go? Or will her scars and nightmares become too much?

BDSM story. Rated M for sex, violence, and language. He’s every woman’s dream; handsome, wealthy, and talented, but the elusive rocker has something to hide until an overwhelmingly gifted, doe-eyed beauty steals his heart at first sight and sound. The Haunting of Bella Swan by ericastwilight reviews Armed with some knowledge about all of the things that go bump in the night, a bag full of equipment, and three ghosts, paranormal investigator Edward Masen had seen and heard a lot since the day he died, but didn’t stay dead.

Nothing prepared him for her. Through the Lens by Twifanfictionrec reviews Bella Swan is trying to pave her way in the world, as a photographer, somewhat known, with ten thousand followers on Instagram.

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Mike is in Biology and dreaming of a fake date with Bella. During Twilight before spring break, but while Edward and Bella are going out.

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The next day I woke up late to a cloudy sky. The sun was nowhere to be seen. I hurried to my morning routine and went school. While driving I thought if Jessica told Bella about our date and if Bella was jealous.

After the Cullen’s left, Bella finds herself living with her cousin Sookie. She starts dating again but doesn’t end well. Can Edward come back in time to save her.

Taking one for the Team By: Sazzledazzled Bella is madly in love with her boss Edward Cullen — little does she know that he feels the same. When a lucrative contract which he desperately needs lands in his lap — Just how far will she go to make sure he secures it? Isabella Swan is a headstrong nurse at Manhattan Memorial Hospital. Edward arrives at her ER one night and their intense encounter changes both of their lives forever.

Well written SUPER witty fic with an aloof Edward and a strong stubborn Bella, that has great funny moments and then a lot of action, leaving you wanting to read more to figure out the mystery. Great fic!!! Summary: Bella Swan is the writer of a women’s magazine assigned to write an article about the women behind professional hockey players.

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Anyone agree? Anyways, on to the posting of yet another new story. I don’t know how well this one will sit since my other two seemed to flop horribly. I got this idea from actually out of nowhere. It just passed my mind one day while I was doing some chores and I decided to give it a test drive. Hence, the posting of the new story.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 26 But then Alice made me a profile on a dating website, and after a few too.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: jburville22 – Stories: 67 – Followers: 0 – Staff: 1 – id: A year of waiting for her to come back to him. And Edward’s not about to let her go without crashing the wedding first Life is hard when the girl you love tells you she hates you, then makes out with you, and then starts hiding under your boss’s desk to hide from you.

Just ask Edward. Black Bullet by Aces17 reviews AU. After the tragic death of her mother, Bella is forced to flee to Forks and relatives she never knew she had. Will Edward be able to tear down her walls? Dateless For Too Long by softballgirl reviews Bella is sick of spending Saturday nights alone while her two best friends go out on their dates. When she meets Edward, a charming green eyed waiter, she finds hope for herself. All human. Cullen Academy by Lost in Believing reviews Undercover, these six students must face the challenges of getting back their secret that they stole from them.

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No one sends Bella into a tailspin quite like Edward Cullen but can she Edward turns a dinner date into the ultimate foreplay, will Bella survive her torture​?

Please review if you like it so far. I plan on it being a little more fluffy that previous stories. Hope you Enjoy! Alice was dead. I was tired of her trying to set me up on dates with random women who couldn’t carry a half way decent conversation. Tonight had been the last straw. Tonight’s catastrophe was named Jessica. She was a 23 year old model that had worked for Alice, my sister, and up and coming fashion designer.

It was sheer torture from the moment I sat down at the table to the time I managed to fake an urgent phone call from my boss. During dinner, she talked about the most asinine things imaginable. How she had just got out of a serious relationship, how much she liked Jimmy Choo I have no idea who the fuck he is , how she thought Legally Blonde was a comic masterpiece. I was done. I wanted to go find my loving sister and strangle her.

But first, I wanted a stiff drink.

Date Night. Edward decided that we needed to act like a normal couple and actually go out on dates instead on hanging out at each others houses all the time. We both may be peaceful homebodies but that didn’t mean we couldn’t play. So here we are at Oven Spoonful in Port Angeles on a Saturday night with me making strange noises as I eat my sandwich and Edward pretening to eat his.

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Explore SexyLexi’s photos on Flickr. SexyLexi has uploaded 25 photos to Flickr. This is sooo good. You should definitely read it. Fav fic for sure!!!! Summary: Author Bella Swan crashes into movie star and muse Edward Cullen, and the two will never be the same again. Can they survive book tours, old flames, jealousy and Hollywood together? Where can I read this fic? How To Marry A…. An amazing great fav fic for sure!!!

Why are her friends convinced that the answer to her problem is some crazy party game… with kissing? Great high school fic that’s both sweet and hot.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Books Twilight, Since: Founder: dolphin – Stories: 87 – Followers: – Staff: 3 – id: I’mwiththevampires08 MsEm edwardandbellabelong2gether. Homewreckers too!

I am looking for a fanfiction where Bella and Edward are together (I’m not sure if they are dating or married, I can’t remember). At some point, Bella goes into.

A little birthday present for Tropical Sorbet. Thanks to Lidia and Susana for their help! Hope you like it. But then Alice made me a profile on a dating website, and after a few too many glasses of wine, we spent an evening filling it out and then searching through my matches. That guy looks cute! I couldn’t really see what he looked like, so I clicked on his profile to see a bigger pic of him. He has a ponytail. It looks longer than mine.

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