16 ‘Friends’ plot holes and inconsistencies that still bother the show’s true fans

Of all six of our favorite friends, only Phoebe Buffay managed to keep her close pals out of her love life. While we all know who the best Mr. Buffay was helloooo, Mike Hannigan , how did her other beaux stack up? Somewhere in the Friends verse, he is off playing mah-jongg with the creepy restaurateur whom wants Monica to slice those tomatoes up real nice. Parker Alec Baldwin Even with her suicidal mother, her absentee dad, her surprise biological mother, her horrible twin sister, and the deceased pimp she used to live with, Phoebe manages to always see the bright side of life. The woman who once mugged Ross needs a dude with a little edge. Jake Troy Norton A. At least Robert played basketball. Robert Markus Flanagan A. This sporty dude let it all hang out in Central Perk until finally Gunther told him to put it away.

Phoebe Loomes

We have just three words to simultaneously make you cringe and explain why this was the worst couple ever on Friends. We really do. But we didn’t like Chandler with Janice. Um, he shot a bird. While laying in bed with Phoebe. Who is one of the biggest animal lovers ever.

Think you’re familiar enough with the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler When Chandler accepts a date with Joey’s ex Kathy, he’s nervous about The star of action flicks like “Bloodsport” and “Time Cop,” actor Jean-​Claude.

In the teaser, Chandler and Monica cuddle while cooperating on a crossword puzzle, which Joey finds cute. That night, however, he dreams that he was doing the crossword puzzle with Monica, leading him to wonder if he finds her attractive. This is exacerbated when, at Central Perk the next morning, Monica is found wearing his sweatshirt as opposed to Chandler’s, and later when Monica asks him to taste her cooking, leading to him confessing about his dreams.

A bit of honest discussion between the three of them reveals that Joey is not really attracted to Monica, but rather to the intimacy and friendship she shares with Chandler. The two explain that this is because they were friends first before they started dating. Equipped with this new philosophy, he first tries to get on Rachel ‘s good side, on the grounds that they are already friends, but she advises him to strike up a friendship with a woman and then pursue a relationship.

Joey tries to do this, but when meeting a woman to strike up a friendship, he ends up in a threesome with her and her roommate. While digging beneath a Central Perk chair cushion for spare change, Phoebe uncovers a policeman’s badge. Though she promises to return it, she finds using it far more entertaining, exploiting her new-found power to force a smoking bystander to apologize to a tree on which she snubbed out a cigarette.

When she begins threatening her friends with arrest, she realizes she has gone too far, but before she can return it, she tries to force an illegally-parked man to move his car. He turns out to be a policeman as well, and is unimpressed when she claims to be an undercover cop from the 15th district of Manhattan. This fellow, Gary, turns out to be the owner of the badge, but when he arrives at Monica’s apartment to arrest her, he asks her out on a date instead.

‘Friends’: Phoebe and Joey Would Have Been Perfect Together

Phoebe Abbott wasn’t ready to be a mother, so Lily and Frank adopted both twins and raised them together. Frank abandoned Lily and the twins, and then later married another woman. Her step-father went to prison, and Lily committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

AMERICAN singer Phoebe Bridgers became the envy of men and women across the world when rumours surfaced that she was dating Paul.

The quirky one. The free spirit. The woman who wouldn’t settle down. The odd one out, the… just plain odd one. While two of the characters, Monica and Ross, are siblings, both of which end up coupled with Chandler and Rachel, and with the fifth friend, Joey, being long time roommates with best friend Chandler, Phoebe somehow lives alone in a different part of town, with seemingly no ties to the others. She also had a very different upbringing: orphaned and raised by the streets, all of the other Friends were brought up in a strong familial structure albeit some of them were dysfunctional and fractured.

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One of the most enjoyable bits of Friends was to watch their various relationships grow and then die. It was rare for any couple to breakup in a reasonable way. Rather, most of the partnerships ended in a fiery blaze. Since we became so used to seeing the group together and in their own elements, it was often through their relationships with others that we got to see just how dysfunctional they really were. They may have been attractive and successful people in their own ways, but they were not very good at being boyfriends and girlfriends.

Then again, maybe no one really is?

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I mean it is soon. Gary is a police officer, hence the title of the episode in which he first appears. He was portrayed by Michael Rapaport. When Phoebe first meets Gary, she is running around with a police badge that she has found, using it to defend nature she threatens to call for backup on one woman for putting her cigarette out on a tree unless she apologizes to the tree.

Gary is one of her victims, who she promptly orders to park his car off the pavement, stating that she is a cop. When she learns that Gary is actually a cop, he starts asking her trick questions to prove her occupation, leaving her with no choice but to drop the badge and run away. After tracking her old address Monica’s apartment , he asks her out on a date.


The cast of Friends hold a special place in the hearts of many, which is what makes them a prime target for tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the gossip surrounding the Friends actors and determined their truth. Everyone’s totally rooting for them. The outlet’s source apparently got the ‘Delicious David’ nickname from a photo Messing posted to her Instagram.

The actress shared a selfie of herself and Schwimmer on set, with the caption, “This guy is delicious. This guy is delicious.

Phoebe Buffay on Friends dated a lot of people before meeting Mike Hannigan. Here are the best & worst dates she’s been on. They met when Phoebe accidentally stole his police badge and was pretending to be a cop.

Subscriber Account active since. Now that HBO Max has launched with the hit NBC sitcom on its roster, plenty of fans will be compelled to rewatch and reminisce about its groundbreaking episodes , fan-favorite couples , iconic pieces of furniture — and, for some, its biggest flaws. In addition to some glaringly problematic story lines , “Friends” had issues with continuity that can be hard to ignore to this day, from petty details like characters having multiple different birthdays to major emotional moments getting little to no follow-through like Phoebe’s birth parents disappearing from her life without explanation.

Given that Monica’s building doesn’t have just one or two apartments per floor, it makes little sense for her rent-controlled sixth-floor walk-up to be apartment No. It appears that the production crew noticed the same thing, because her apartment becomes No. Ross is comfortably employed, Chandler makes a lot of money, and Monica’s apartment is rent-controlled because the lease is in her grandmother’s name.

But the show never explains how Phoebe is able to live on her own in Greenwich Village, a rather central and expensive area in Manhattan. Phoebe is a masseuse, but she bounces between working at different parlors and massaging her own clients at home as a freelancer. She’s even unemployed a few times after getting fired or getting her license suspended.

An episode on season two, “The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant,” specifically focuses on Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel’s struggles with making less money than the other three. The season three finale features a climactic storyline about Phoebe finding out that her birth mom is still alive. Phoebe struggles with accepting her mom, whom she had never met or even knew existed, for a few season four episodes — but ultimately seems very excited that she finally has a real family member to rely on.

But after all that emotional buildup, Phoebe’s mom disappears from the show after season four, episode 11, “The One With Phoebe’s Uterus. She’s mentioned when she sends Phoebe a fur coat on season five, episode six, “The One with the Yeti” — but she’s literally never mentioned again.

The One With A Cop (Uncut Version)

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When Phoebe and Vince started dating, she was torn between him and another guy, Jason. Gary was the cop that Phoebe dated for a while.

There’s a reason most of the Friends ended up coupling up with each other instead of continuing to brave the polluted dating pool that made their love lives so DOA before they lobster-paired off. Their tastes in significant others were abysmal which, contrary to Joey Tribbiani’s grasp of the English language, is not a compliment. The Friends fam brought in a lot of trial add-ons — half of which Ross may or may not have married — but there were only a few that ever really stuck past the obligatory one-to-three episode run and fun arc, like Janice, Richard, Mona, and Mike Hannigan.

Here are our picks for the worst of the worst. Hold onto your buddy bracelet before you venture down this wormhole of WTF were they thinking? If there was one standout among the six Central Perkians who made the most egregious errors in judgment, it was definitely Phoebe Buffay. Not only was this a lowdown dirty and desperate move, but it also ended up being just as awkward as she deserved it to be when he accidentally hooked up with Urs behind her back.

Which was just as well because this was a match made in hell by Phoebe’s grandmother. Ross’ moral compass was often just a tick or two off — like when he, shudder, tried to cop a feel on his own cousin — but when he took up with his way-younger student because she admitted to calling him hot on her anonymous eval, it was a new level of head-shake-age. We’re glad she nailed him with that vodka balloon after their break-up.

Even his fake funeral was a more scrupulous showing than the way he handled that student crush situation. Monica gave a good speech to her pals about why they had no right to judge her for trying to spark something with Richard’s son, but coo coo ca choo Mrs. Robinson, that kiss was twisted beyond. Another one of Phoebe’s finest moments right here.

Did you notice this massive Phoebe mistake in the first episode of Friends?

Watch the trailer. Title: The One with the Cop 25 Feb After Joey saw Monica and Chandler doing a crossword together, he dreams about non-sexual closeness with her; they stop him moving out, and suggest their relationship probably looks so appealing because it started as friendship; so Joey transfers his interest to Rachel, who isn’t interested. Phoebe finds a wallet with NYPD badge at Central Perk; after Chandler points out playing cop with real people is a serious crime, she decides to bring it to the police station, but pulls it a last time on her way- to the real cop, Gary.

Ross buys a couch, refuses to pay almost as much for delivery just three blocks, but can’t manage getting it up the staircase with Rachel; Chandler as third man just gets caught, the couch gets it even worse.

Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow stars as Phoebe Buffay (and, occasionally, as Phoebe’s twin brother (recurring guest star Giovanni Ribisi), “The One with the Cop,” when Phoebe finds a Monica plans a date with a male nurse to spite Chandler.

Phoebe gets upset when Joey lands a job co-hosting a PBS telethon. Just after her mom died, Phoebe had written to “Sesame Street” for help, but all she got was a keychain. Ross uses the wedding guest list to call all of Emily’s relatives in the hope that one of them will help him find her. Rachel walks in on Monica awaiting Chandler, so Monica makes up a story that she’s been secretly seeing a waiter from work.

Later, Rachel lets it slip that Monica told her that her new boyfriend is the “best sex she’s ever had. Joey shows up at PBS to find that he’s not the co-host, but instead is one of the volunteers answering phones. Emily finally calls Ross to tell him to stop bothering her relatives and the two discuss what happened at the wedding and the airport.

Ross apologizes and promises to do whatever she asks so that they can just be together. Emily agrees to give him another chance, as long as he moves to London. Ross tries to convince Carol and Susan to move with little Ben to London so that he can be near his son and work on his marriage. They have no interest in moving. He goes back to Emily and tells her he can’t move away from his son, then asks if she would consider moving to New York, as they had planned before the wedding.

All Phoebe Buffay’s Boyfriends, Ranked

It would take some pretty interesting guys to woo such an unconventional lady’s heart. And so they are. From the gay dancer to the scientist to the weird psychiatrist, Phoebe has had some fascinating lifes and times.

So even though he was a hot cop who adored Phoebe, this was an We have to give major props to Mona, who started dating Ross at the.

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